Function room and Venue Hire in Hull

Function room and Venue Hire in Hull. There are several rooms and multipurpose halls that are suitable for all sorts of occasion, meetings, conferences and incidents. The 350 seater auditorium is available to serve you should you need a wedding location and hall for your special event which is well prepared with multimedia system tools at no extra cost to work with to give you a gratifying and less tasking job of selecting one yourself. A board meeting room and other smaller multipurpose halls are available if you need more rooms for use at once.
There are other function rooms that can be used for dance rehearsals, seminars and other kinds of meetings. The multipurpose halls are well organized and neatly set up and ready to use. For bigger occasions such as weddings, the main hall with a 350 seating capacity is the ideal solution you need and it’s available for hire if it’s not yet been reserved. Should you need a reception hall for a wedding party, the brand new hall is the perfect solution for you. If you’d prefer an all-inclusive service for venue hire, table and chair leases and decoration, we offer that service too.
The location of this facility is situated on Beverley road, right next to the Hull CVS building, a couple of minutes’ walk to the Hull daily mail building. The sound system is top quality in case you need the services of a DJ which can be arranged, providing you have submitted your desired list of songs or you can hire yours for the occasion.
To find out more information, their contact number is 01482470015 or 07577550850.